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340B Technology in Action: A Software Developer’s Perspective

As a Third Party Administrator, having the ability to navigate and quickly adjust to the changing 340B environment is paramount. Our systems development team allows us to achieve this goal every day, so we asked Christina Crawford, ATRIA 340B Technical Coordinator, for a technical perspective on ATRIA 340B.


What software does ATRIA 340B use?

ATRIA 340B uses a robust and innovative internal software, Integrity, to manage Hudson Headwaters Health Network’s and our clients’ 340B programs. We have been building and improving our software for over a decade, thanks to a dedicated and diverse team of software developers and database architects.

We are constantly finding new and better ways to programmatically maintain a high level of compliance with 340B regulations. One thing is certain: our team is never satisfied with the status quo.


How do we stay on top of program regulations? How do the needs of the clients and our organization translate into code?

Maintaining relevant 340B software can be a challenge knowing that the needs of our covered entities are always changing. In order to manage the integrity of our current software, our development team is split between supporting the current system and developing new processes and features. Both roles are crucial to our internal team of client representatives that use this software directly to manage 340B programs for both HHHN and our external clients.


How do we build software that is nimble and complete?

We take a collaborative approach here at ATRIA 340B.

Our close proximity to the rest of our team is a unique feature of the development team. We share the same office space as the rest of the department, giving us greater communication and collaboration with those who have a pulse on the 340B program. Each change and addition is designed and vetted from both a business and a technical perspective.

This collaboration yields some surprising results. Client representatives incorporate the unique needs of each client into their requests, shaping the software into a product that takes into account the intricacies of managing a compliant and complete 340B program for different types of health care organizations. The code helps to maximize both time and savings by quickly interpreting data and giving tools for representatives to analyze the data in a way the computer cannot.


What makes our software team unique?

Our software development team stays directly involved in the 340B environment, allowing a unique perspective on the program. Our team members attend 340B webinars given by HRSA and other organizations. Some have conducted audits and compliance assessments, and all team members sit in on internal briefings regarding the intricacies and changes of the 340B program. This gives us the opportunity to approach the support and development of Integrity from both the technical and the 340B perspective.

Our individual team members have worked in a technical capacity in varying industries: healthcare, retail, transportation, government contractors, and asset management. We take our different experiences and knowledge and work together to create useful and efficient code. Our individual perspectives and willingness to share our expertise result in great software and more compliant 340B programs.


This post is part of our staff contributor series and was written by Christina Crawford, ATRIA 340B Technical Coordinator