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Hudson Headwaters Tapped as Contributor to New 340B Certification Program

Apexus recently announced the launch of their Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program. According to the Apexus website, “the program will prepare individuals to serve as leaders and experts within their organization by elevating their 340B knowledge in a consistent, measureable and validated way, while improving program integrity and compliance.”

To create the course content, Apexus approached prominent individuals in the industry to provide guidance. Hudson Headwaters 340B Pharmacy Services Team was among the subject matter experts selected to contribute to multiple program modules. This involved a thorough review of the content and required our team to provide feedback or suggestions for improving the modules to best represent the 340B drug pricing program. We were pleased to be involved with the development of this program, which will no doubt introduce a greater standard in 340B understanding across all stakeholders.

The program, which is 24 modules in length and involves an entrance and final exam, is slated to be released throughout 2016.To learn more about the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program, visit the Apexus website at