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340B Coalition Taps Hudson Headwaters’ Jim Donnelly

Jim Donnelly, Vice President of 340B Pharmacy Services for Hudson Headwaters Health Network, has been invited to participate in this year’s 340B Coalition Winter Conference in San Diego, California, February 5-7, 2014.

Donnelly will join other industry leaders in two panel discussions: the first convenes Community Health Centers and other non-hospital covered entities.  Topics will include:  how scrutiny of the 340B program is impacting providers, lessons learned from HRSA’s 340B audits, Medicaid and other third-party billing and reimbursement issues, and an update on relevant 340B legislative matters.  The second, a roundtable discussion for pharmacies only, will focus on sharing and exchanging information about program challenges and opportunities, compliance issues, new trends, and preparing for the future.

Jim Donnelly is well-known in the 340B community, with more than a decade of experience overseeing contract pharmacy arrangements for Hudson Headwaters’ 340B pharmacy program, and leading development of its consulting, implementation and management services nationwide. Donnelly is also a conference veteran and recurring industry presenter.  He notes, “I am excited to share whatever knowledge I have with any and all conference participants, including other federally qualified health centers.”

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