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Third Party Administration

As both a 340B Third Party Administrator and Consultant, we know what matters most. We’ll help you determine the right pharmacy partners and 340B vendors, develop those relationships, and optimize the program for your organization – with a straightforward fee structure.

When you utilize our 340B administrative services, you get more than a Third Party Administrator – you get a partner.





“There is no question that without them our organization would have struggled to establish a viable program and a great deal of time and crucial revenue would have been sacrificed.  Hudson Headwaters has been more than a vendor or an agent; they are our ‘partner’ in every sense of the word.”

Family Health Network of Central New York


With our extensive experience in the 340B process, the Hudson Headwaters 340B team knows the importance of a successful 340B program first hand.  From minimizing administrative costs to a sincere focus on compliance as a 340B covered entity, we understand your perspective.

Assessment of Program Potential

Our third party administration services grew out of the need to manage the 340B program for our own affiliated Federally Qualified Health Center. Our unparalleled insider’s perspective gives us the unique ability to be a true partner in managing your 340B program. We are committed to maximizing your 340B program while also maintaining a focus on program compliance.

Some insight from our team:

“We design each client’s 340B program to best serve them. Our primary focus is on the client – all else is built on that.”

Establishing and Maintaining Contract Pharmacy Relationships

  • Seamless integration with contract pharmacy partners
  • Our program is designed to work with, not interfere with daily pharmacy operations
  • Collaboration with the pharmacy to ensure program success
  • Client representatives are ready by the phone to answer any questions from contract pharmacy partners

Dedicated Client Representatives

Hudson Headwaters 340B believes in being a true partner to you. We promise you won’t have to deal with the frustration of automated phone systems and the hands off style of our competitors. The services we offer:

  • Each client is assigned a dedicated client representative from day one.
  • Our focus is to provide personalized and accessible customer service whenever you need it
  • Our client representatives are experts in the 340B program and are here to guide you along each step of the way

Access to Client Portal

Our Client Portal is designed to:

  • Highlight trends
  • Provide a summarized overview of your program data
  • Display real time dispense and inventory data

The information presented is supplementary to our regular communication and the hands-on approach we take in administering our client’s 340B program.


Inventory management and proper record keeping is vital in maintaining 340B program compliance. Our Integrity system can quickly identify potential issues and our client representatives make sure that those issues are quickly resolved.

NDC-Specific Inventory Reporting

  • The ability to properly track 340B eligible dispense and purchase activity for each NDC included in the program
  • Our clients have visibility to a running account of all 340B inventories

Invoice Price Verification

  • Value added services – making certain savings are maximized
  • We work diligently with 340B wholesalers to ensure all of our clients receive the appropriate 340B contracted cost on their purchases.

Proactive Approach to Slow-Moving and Over-Replenished Inventory

Unreconciled Transaction Tracking


With an ever-evolving program, compliance requires a proactive approach to managing your 340B program.  That’s how we work.  Our expertise allows us to deliver strategic preparation and lasting peace of mind for our clients.

Continuous Review of Pharmacy Programs

Data Integrity Checks

  • Our Integrity Health Checks act as a safeguard to confirm our clients program is administered correctly, and that any issues are quickly identified and resolved before they can become a concern.

Comprehensive Audit Samples

  • Random subset of 340B eligible transactions to be reviewed for validation
  • Provided as often as requested; no less than twice per year

Independent and HRSA Audit Readiness

  • We are experts in program compliance. Audit readiness is rooted in our extensive experience being wholly owned by a 340B entity. In 2016, only 31% of HRSA audits resulted in no findings, many of Hudson Headwaters 340B’s clients were among those entities with no findings.


Our partnerships are personalized for each entity’s unique needs. With us as your partner, you will
always feel like someone is looking out for you and your 340B program.


We are here to help. Contact us or call today 855-835-3402