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A Day in the Life of a 340B Auditor

ATRIA 340B is passionate about helping fellow covered entities maintain their status as good stewards of the 340B program. With our unique dual perspective as both a Third-Party Administrator and a participating FQHC, we understand that compliant processing is essential to upholding the integrity of the 340B program. The ATRIA 340B audit team provides mock HRSA audits to ensure your 340B program is meeting requirements of compliance.

An auditor’s journey begins once a contract is in place; at this time the auditors will share the data request and due date with the covered entity, typically two weeks after the data request is sent. Once the covered entity provides the requested data, the auditors can begin researching and reviewing based on the requirements of compliance.

To be flexible in the ever-changing 340B environment, ATRIA 340B offers an array of audits. The Premium audit is the most popular and allows for the auditor to focus on the specific compliance needs of the entity.

A Premium audit includes:

  • Review of audit samples using ATRIA 340B’s proprietary audit tool
  • Review of policies and procedures, eligibility information, and contracts
  • A final report outlining any findings and recommendations for improving program compliance

The audit begins with an opening presentation on the results of the initial program review, as completed prior to the visit. The presentation includes questions and facilitates discussion to help the auditors better understand the unique aspects of the entity’s 340B program. The audit agenda includes:

  • Opening presentation and discussion with 340B team at the covered entity
  • Review of audit samples using covered entity’s Electronic Medical Records system
  • Possible tour and/or interview regarding internal workings of the 340B program
  • Closing meeting to outline any preliminary findings and what to expect in the final report

The final report is due a month after the audit sample review and provides a detailed picture of the audit findings and recommendations to resolve those issues.

At the end of the day, there is a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that another entity is one step closer to having a successful and compliant 340B program.


This post is part of our staff contributor series and was written by Leslie Mattison, Business Analyst.