CardinalHealth Names Hudson Headwaters 340B SOLUTIONS a Leading Software Vendor for Retail Pharmacies

CardinalHealth says: “Choose the 340B Solution that best meets your needs.” They understand that the program is designed to support our nation’s critical safety-net health care providers, and that retail pharmacies are a big part of the success of the program. As a ‘Contract Pharmacy’, retail independents and chains can act as shipping and dispensing locations for product purchased by a 340B entity (community health centers, certain eligible hospitals, etc.). Contract pharmacy arrangements can be beneficial to both parties and the patients served. The 340B entity is able to extend the reach of its care further into the community, and the pharmacy may realize an enhanced reputation as a provider of compassionate services.

The 340B contract pharmacy model represents an exciting opportunity, but it is not without challenges — regulatory, financial, and operational. To help the contract pharmacy model thrive, several companies now offer dedicated contract pharmacy management solutions. CardinalHealth has developed robust working relationships with leading 340B software providers – including our own Hudson Headwaters’ 340B Solutions with “Integrity” software.

Thanks for many years of successfully working together, CardinalHealth.

Cardinal Health Names HHHN


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