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Hudson 340B Announces Quarterly Acknowledgement of Excellence Nominations

Core values are the foundation and binding mortar of a reliable team. It is imperative that each team member believes in and espouse these values. When all contributors are in alignment, the “whole” becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. Behind Hudson Headwaters 340B is a team of collaborative team players with integrity and humility who are committed to being the best.

Each month our team members receive nominations for their application of core values when working with team members and external clients. Please read the outline of each winner’s nomination for the third quarter:

  • June – James Sipowicz, Implementation Specialist

James was nominated by our Compliance manager for his work on Implementation Training presentations where he was able to illustrate his knowledge, commitment, and collaboration for our team. “I was impressed by the overall presentation and how well prepared the information share was. His presentation was warm, friendly, and full of excellent information,” his nomination read. Thank you James for being a committed member of the Hudson 340B team.

  • July – Kait Davidson, Software Developer

Kait was nominated by a fellow team member for her positive influence on the Systems Development team. Her nomination reads, “Her commitment to our core values, specifically being a collaborative team player and displaying her commitment to be the best is remarkable. She leverages her work ethic to lead by example and ensure tasks/projects are completed effectively and on time.” Congratulations, Kait!

  • August – Jan Barnes, Vendor Specialist

Jan received a nomination for working on a major credit rebill process with our wholesaler partners. Pharmacy transitions can pose challenges with account setups and inventory management, but Jan “stepped right in and offered to identify the invoices needed to move the project forward.” Her nominator went on to say, “When the list of accumulations needed to be revamped, she did it effortlessly and was happy to do so.” Jan’s commitment to this project and her commitment to the team has not gone unnoticed.

  • September – Lauren Callahan, Client Relations Manager

Lauren received the September Acknowledgement of Excellence Award for her humility and collaboration within the team.  Her nomination reads, “Lauren is one of those colleagues you wish you had at every organization. She is committed to being the best and helping others be their best as well. I know I can go to her with just about anything and it is truly appreciated.”  Lauren continues to be a team player and deserves this recognition for her hard work.


Our 2020 Acknowledgement of Excellence Winners:

  • January – Sara Simons
  • February – Casey Weaver
  • March – Dave Mathias
  • April – Taylor Devery and Barbara Zanoni
  • May – Jared Macey
  • June – James Sipowicz
  • July – Kait Davidson
  • August – Jan Barnes
  • September – Lauren Callahan