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Hudson Headwaters to Exhibit at the 340B Coalition Summer Conference

Jim Donnelly, Vice President of Pharmacy Services, and members of the Hudson Headwaters Pharmacy Services team,  will be attending the 18th Annual 340B Coalition Summer Conference, from July 14-16, 2014, in Washington, DC.

New regulations are in the final review process, and are expected to have a vital impact on the 340B program. With this as a backdrop, the 340B Coalition’s summer conference will focus on increased program scrutiny, especially related to contract pharmacy arrangements.

Hudson Headwaters, a veteran Federally Qualified Health Center 340B participant can also be your 340B partner. With a vested interest in the continued sustainability of the 340B program, we share common goals with other program participants. The Hudson Headwaters Pharmacy Services staff will be in attendance to discuss Hudson Headwaters’ views and involvement with the anticipated increase in program scrutiny, potential policy changes, and audit preparation.

As a 340B Management Services Provider for over a decade, our goal has always been to meet the needs of our clients, while providing proper stewardship to promote expanded access to care. An arrangement with the Hudson Headwaters Pharmacy Services group allows eligible entities to personally connect with dedicated individuals who understand the program, and work diligently to assure program compliance.

If you are attending the 340B Coalition Summer Conference, please stop by our Booth #27. We look forward to seeing you there!

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