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340B Solutions Names Software System “INTEGRITY”

Hudson Headwaters 340B Solutions recently announced a new name for its proprietary 340B pharmacy and data management software system: “INTEGRITY.”

INTEGRITY supports the Hudson Headwaters 340B program and those of clients across the nation. “We’re proud to adopt a name that personifies our unique 340B management systems and capabilities, and our dedication to 340B program ideals,” said Jim Donnelly, Director of Pharmacy Programs for Hudson Headwaters 340B Solutions.

“We have a reputation for integrity, a cornerstone of the success we’ve enjoyed building and maintaining relationships with our clients,” Donnelly added. Hudson Headwaters was involved early on in the development of the federal 340B contract pharmacy program, and has participated in its evolution for more than 12 years.

“As a covered entity ourselves, we understand how important the program is,” Donnelly said. “Like many other health care providers, we rely on earnings from this program to help sustain and expand accessible, affordable pharmacy and health care services to all patients in our communities, regardless of their ability to pay.”

The 340B Solutions management process is grounded in a conservative interpretation of 340B regulations, and built on a foundation of partnership, according to Donnelly. Hudson Headwaters never promotes processes that are based on loose program interpretations or driven solely by increasing volume.