Preparing Students for the Workforce with Mock Interviews

Stephanie Willis, Kim Barron, Jared Macey, and Andrew Talbot at Rennselear Polytechnic Institute hosting mock interviews


On Friday, March 23rd several staff members hosted mock interviews at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y. Kim Barron (Client Relations Team Manager), Jared Macey (Client Relations Team Lead), Andrew Talbot (Client Relations Business Analyst), and Stephanie Willis (Client Relations Business Analyst), were excited to speak to current students during this event.

“All too often you walk out of an interview not getting a job and you never understand why,” says Stephanie. “This opportunity was a great way for us to talk with each student and give them a knowledgeable way to deliver themselves both on paper and in person for their interview.”

The interview process was structured to allow for questions and direct feedback while receiving the practice of a full interview. Each candidate came prepared for the mock interview with their resume and plenty of questions. Our team was happy to talk them through the environment of hiring and provide feedback of what qualities they look for in job candidates. LinkedIn and online presence was a key topic discussed throughout the process.

Jared adds, “There was value to be had, no matter which side of the table you were sitting on. Regardless of the type of jobs the students were going to apply for, we were able to provide relevant feedback to help prepare them for the professional world.”

Thank you to the staff at RPI for reaching out to us about this opportunity, and giving us the chance to help young professionals prepare for the workforce.


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