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Reaching New Peaks: Hudson Headwaters 340B Establishes LLC

April 1st, 2020 is the effective establishment date of Hudson Headwaters 340B, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hudson Headwaters Health Network. This change represents years of growth for the pharmacy department with over 30 employees who focus solely on 340B program management and compliance for the entities that have their programs managed through proprietary software.

Hudson Headwaters 340B, LLC shares the vision of helping customers strengthen the Community Healthcare Safety Net and apply unique perspective to clients to provide proactive compliance measures focused on 340B program optimization. Being a collaborative team player, showing integrity, practicing humility, and committing to be the very best are values at the core of Hudson Headwaters 340B business. In addition, team members will uphold the values of the network to deliver quality, show appreciation, practice creativity, and pursue sustainability.



Clients managed through the Third Party Administrative Services will see minimal impact from this change, as Hudson Headwaters 340B focuses on continuity and communication. The most notable change in this process is an update in Email and Phone contact information for the entire team. Any email contact that is currently being used should have the domain updated to “”. Direct phone lines have been assigned and will be shared with all established contacts and updated in email signatures and business cards.

Jim Donnelly, President, says “Thank you to our clients for your continued support and for growing with us throughout the years. We strive to be the very best through continuous improvement and collaboration with our partners, as we know our clients’ success is our success.”

Please Contact Us with any questions, or to learn more about our services.