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Returning to our Core

The following is a letter that was shared with our current third party administrative and consulting clients.

We are pleased to announce our new brand – Hudson Headwaters 340B. Our name is changing, but the logo is staying the same. This redesigned brand more clearly illustrates our identity, while the carefully constructed key components of our previous brand decisions are maintained:

  • triangular relationship – the entity, pharmacy, and us
  • navigational element – compass arrow at the center
  • mountain at the base – standing tall as a strong and steady partner
  • right-shifted design – conservative in our approach to maintaining compliance

In early 2018 we announced our new name – ATRIA 340B by Hudson Headwaters. The rebrand was successful and gained us additional interest, however the potential for confusion with the Atria name prompted us to pause and consider what we felt was the truest and strongest brand for the Hudson Headwaters 340B business.

Though Hudson Headwaters 340B is a distinct business unit, this adjustment brings forward the direct and important reference to our foundation as a pioneering 340B Covered Entity.  Through this change, we more clearly embrace the core values of Hudson Headwaters Health Network: Quality, Creativity, Appreciation, and Sustainability.

As our brand returns to its roots, the same high level of service and devoted partnership will remain unchanged.  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you now and in the future as Hudson Headwaters 340B.


The Hudson Headwaters 340B Team