Taylor Devery and Barbara Zanoni receive April’s Acknowledgement of Excellence

Core values are the foundation and binding mortar of a reliable team. It is imperative that each team member believe in and espouse these values. When all contributors are in alignment, the “whole” becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. Behind Hudson Headwaters 340B is a team of collaborative team players with integrity and humility who are committed to being the best.

Taylor Devery, Finance and QA Analyst, was nominated by her fellow Finance team members during a stressful month end period. The deadline for work to be completed was shorter than expected, allowing Taylor to show collaboration working with the Business Analyst team to ensure all financial statements were correct for billing clients. She shared her dedication and commitment working late and coordinating with multiple departments to make sure clients received their invoices on time.

Barbara Zanoni, Business Analyst, was nominated by her fellow teammates as she strives to consistently motivate and uplift her peers, always seeking to bring out the best in others. She is committed to excellence and loves to call out the excellence of others, which in turn is a ripple effect that encourages others to be just as motivating and uplifting. Barbara understands that we rise by lifting others and that kindness is contagious, and her thoughtful words and actions have contributed to creating a team environment that is supportive and collaborative in every way.


Our 2020 Acknowledgement of Excellence Winners:

  • January – Sara Simons
  • February – Casey Weaver
  • March – Dave Mathias
  • April – Taylor Devery and Barbara Zanoni

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