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Two Rocks, Two Sticks, One Team

Maintaining a healthy work environment involves creating opportunities for team growth through team building. ATRIA 340B team members, Kathi Daly and Jared Macey, created today’s team building exercise which exemplified components of creativity, teamwork, product development, and public presentation.


Lauren and James present their product during a team building exercize

a team from ATRIA presents a product during a team building exercize

Lorraine unveils a product during a team building exercise


Each team was given a box and 25 minutes to create, develop, and present the product inside. The two teams with rocks took different paths, with one team focusing on a pet rock scenario and the other developing a therapeutic healing stone. The remaining teams with sticks also developed unique products from an aromatherapy piece, to  a jewelry organizer.

As our team has recently re-branded to ATRIA 340B  this was a great exercise in the significance of branding and how it takes a team to represent the work we complete together.