HRSA is Calling, Will Your TPA Answer?

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At the heart of ATRIA 340B’s Third Party Administrative Services is a team of dedicated client representatives that maintain relationships with each of the entities and the respective programs  we manage. When an entity receives their letter from HRSA, our client representatives are tasked with internal communication and methodical organization to meet the audit requests.

The timely notification of our most recent entity partner’s HRSA Audit announcement came just a day before a pre-planned on site discussion  with our team at their facility. We were able to utilize the time on site to familiarize our team with pharmacy and entity contacts while working towards a plan for the upcoming audit.

Major Takeaways for Audit Preparation:

  • Policy and Procedures – Maintaining up to date documentation and reflecting actual practice
  • OPAIS Database Management – Information reflected accurately based on current program
  • Previous findings – Ability to reference corrective action plans, where applicable
  • Wholesaler Accounts – Understand of the purchasing process and accounts
  • 340B Universe – Explain how script eligibility is determined
  • Logistics – Be familiar with health center and pharmacy travel times, pharmacy contacts, and staff availability during the on-site portion

So, what does the process look like from our perspective as a TPA? It looks like pre-audit calls, gathering data elements, helping with entity requests, answering questions, and being available for the day of procedures. It looks like using the relationships we have built with our clients to expedite compliance concerns and quickly resolve any outstanding discrepancies. Above all, it looks like being prepared to meet our entity and pharmacy needs.

Are you prepared for your own HRSA audit? Learn more about our Independent Auditing and Consulting Services.

Looking for a TPA that puts your compliance first? Learn more about our Third Party Administrative Services.


This post is part of our staff contributor series and was written by Stephanie Willis, Business Analyst


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